October, 2016 – “An Elegy for the Lost Publisher”

With the immensely sad relief and muted joy of a wounded war survivor, An Elegy for the Lost City announces (with stifled tongue) our freedom and total dissociation from New Orleans publisher, Wyndham Payne—a creative man of occasional wit, brilliance and self-proclaimed grand intellect; who, after his 2014 purchase of Margaret Media, has devastated the reputation of this beloved specialty Louisiana press, while serially breaching our contract—and, among many outrageously surreal actions of unbelievable recalcitrance, has stolen all of our royalties, along with those of the inherited authors he still employs. The heroic spirit of this company’s namesake, our saintly sister Margaret Haughery, is tarnished shamelessly by the actions of this little man, but she and we are buoyed in knowledge that this bright Mr. Payne’s karma surely awaits its murky poetic measure.


We will soon announce a new publishing arrangement. that will have us available worldwide again on Amazon, and in a traditional brick and mortar bookstore near you. Keep the faith, y’all—stay tuned for more info and more hot fun, thought-provoking, groundbreaking multi-media.

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