In Spring 2013. these fine folk helped keep the Author afloat in a RocketHub crowd-fund. Without their assistance, this fine ship of “Ficto-Reality” likely would have gone under. For their contributions, they were promised this small immortality as a future public “thank you” here at our website and in our first book, Starters! Mucho apreciado, to my faithful early krewe of “true believers.”

Sally and Bruce Alterman, Bob Basow, Leeli Davidson,
Marty and Sue Diamond, Scott Diamond, Danielle Dolan,
Francois A. Dumas, Greg Dunn, Kevin Elliott, Felicia Foland,
Daniel Garrett, Andy Geimer, Karen Goldberg, Nancy Goldstein,
Kati Guerra, Gene Holtzman, Will Holtzman, Tim Hayes,
Bob Jacobson, Andrei Laszlo, Scott McGreer, Hannah Neal,
Greg Nelson, Debora Orf, Paul Pennick, Brad Pierce,
Joey and Jae Rand, Rick Rosenfeld, Gregg Robinson, Kurt Silver,
Art Silverblatt, Michael Sprout, Divya Symmers,
Allen and Mary Beth Soffer, Julie Sodd, Carole Troll

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